How to choose the right crystal for you.

Healing crystals have been used since ancient times, so there is a wealth of knowledge and experience that has been handed down from generation to generation. Once you know the crystal basics, use your intuition to choose the right healing stones for your spiritual journey.  Crystal experts often say that the crystal chooses you instead … Continue reading How to choose the right crystal for you.

How to choose a crystal for someone else.

It has long been said that to give is better than to receive. While it’s true that there is nothing quite like seeing the face of someone you love light up at the sight of your gift, the stress of scouring stores and online products for that perfect gift can make the act of giving … Continue reading How to choose a crystal for someone else.

Beginner Crystals

A wonderful introduction to the world of healing crystals should include some very important crystals.  Rose Quartz, Amethyst and Clear Quartz to name a few.  They promote love, spiritually and powerful healing. Rose Quartz Is the crystal of unconditional love. A feminine stone with a strong vibration of joy and healing. Rose Quartz is the … Continue reading Beginner Crystals

The Origins of Halloween

The most wonderous fun holiday of the year is upon us.  Yes, Halloween is back.  With all the candy giving, the decorating, and dressing up it can be easy to forget the origins of Halloween.  Halloween dates to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain.  The Celts who lived over 2,000 years ago in Ireland, Great … Continue reading The Origins of Halloween

Boosting Self-Confidence with Crystals

So many of us struggle with self-confidence.  Perhaps you were bullied as a child or are belittled by people currently in your life.  These incidents take a toll on how we view ourselves.  These is nothing more important to your happiness than to realize you are a worthwhile person who matters and is worthy of … Continue reading Boosting Self-Confidence with Crystals

Healing Crystals For Attracting Love

Healing Crystals are a wonderful way to attract love.  They can be used to help us love ourselves more, to rekindle love, and to attract love.  Holding the crystal and stating our intentions for it will help us achieve our goals.  There are many wonderful healing crystals to attract love, but I am partial to … Continue reading Healing Crystals For Attracting Love

Healing Crystals For Attracting Wealth

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little help in attracting wealth?  Sending the right energy into the universe comes back to us in many wonderful ways.  Healing crystals are a wonderful way to attract wealth.  Three crystals have a reputation for attracting wealth and prosperity; Pyrite, Peridot and Citrine.  Pyrite is a fantastic stone … Continue reading Healing Crystals For Attracting Wealth

Healing Crystals for Protection

There are times in life when you may find yourself surrounded by negative energies.  Usually they are energies given off by people who either do not wish you well or people who approach life in a negative manner.   It’s so easy to pick up those emotions and allow them to ruin your peace of mind.  … Continue reading Healing Crystals for Protection

Healing Crystals For Anxiety

Healing Crystals for Anxiety   Anxiety is one of the most common problems in our modern hectic society.  There is so much pressure to be good-looking, thin, rich and have a fantastic social life.  The reality of life is truly different and that’s where anxiety is created, when we try to live up to false … Continue reading Healing Crystals For Anxiety