My “Moldavite Flush” Experience

My “Moldavite Flush” Experience 

Now I’m no stranger to crystal energy and as sensitive as I am I don’t always feel an energy from certain stones and for the most part I find it quite rare to find a stone that truly resonates with me. The common experience I have is I’ll hold a crystal and immediately get a feeling of relaxation, a calming energy, and that’s as far as it goes. Very rarely do I come across a crystal that does more than just that. One experience which was the most intense was when I was wearing all of my Moldavite jewelry. I had heard of the “Moldavite Flush” before but I’m a person who until it happens to me I remain a skeptic I think it’s important to remain a skeptic especially in the “Metaphysical” realm but I like to think anything is possible. Now I’ll be honest before this experience I had never felt anything with Moldavite. Determined to really see and feel what this crystal could do, I decided to put on all of my Moldavite jewelry earrings, necklace, bracelets, rings and held a few small pieces of Moldavite. Less than 2 minuets after putting everything on I felt extremely dizzy to where I had to catch myself so I wouldn’t fall. My heart was racing and I felt it hard to breath, I felt like I was going to pass out, I was terrified. I Immediately took everything off and was completely fine just moments after removing it all. I couldn’t believe it I had never in all my life experienced such a thing from a crystal. I used to role my eyes a bit at reading the need  of a grounding stone with Moldavite but now I highly suggest it. Now I had a lot of Moldavite on I don’t know if many people have had quite that extreme of a reaction, I’ve worn my Moldavite jewelry before and have been fine, I’ve just never worn all my Moldavite jewelry. 

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  1. Friend handed me a piece and it felt like it was burning me, warm with static discharges or something, handed it right back.

  2. I recently got myself a small piece of moldavite and the man at the store warned me about the moldavite flush. I didn’t think much of it but when I got home and held it, and especially when I rubbed it, my cheeks got all tingly and I almost had a euphoric feeling similar to runners high. I love this crystal.

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