The Dream For Cosmic Crystal Visions

F6C8A03E-043C-4F33-B376-6E2C30672286Being an outsider, being the new girl who liked reading palms and the paranormal I was picked on a lot. Being a naturally anxious introvert who’s interests were considered weird I remember in middle school (this school was in an extremely small town) and I remember one of my “friends “ asked me for a palm reading only to later get called down to the guidance counselors office to be yelled at and I mean yelled this woman must have thought palm reading was worshiping Satan pretty sure she did say something about the devil I remember thinking what a small minded person she was and what century was she living in.

Anyway here I am the new girl who reads palms who worships Satan according to my guidance counselor. I decided to keep to myself because I didn’t care to be burned at the stake and we had moved so much at this point it was almost expected I’d be free from this backwards town in a year, well of course 10 years later I finally got to move. But by closing myself off for all those years just waiting to move it changed me.

I was bullied so badly I started to get a stomach ache every day where I couldn’t eat anything just the thought of the regular torment I went through everyday made me physically ill. I had gotten so thin (I’ve always been a naturally thin person, this had nothing to do with weight every therapist I’ve told that to has had the same response to me “but you were skinny why were you anorexic” 🤯 yeah I didn’t have much faith in humans, I was so depressed and full of anxiety I had no appetite) so of course the whispers of “look how thin her arms are” etc etc yeah people left a bad taste in my mouth and I wanted nothing to do with anyone, only my family.

I missed having friends, I longed for a tribe, people like me who read palms and embraced the title weirdo, who were creative, open minded kind people.
In the small town I lived in I didn’t know a soul except my family (thank god) who shared the same interests as me and for awhile I tried to be “normal” I was tired of being the complete opposite of everyone else but I can’t fake it and baby that ain’t me.

When I finally left that place of misery and moved I found myself quickly meeting all of these brilliant beautiful people who had conversations with depth everything I had craved. The “metaphysical” community welcomed me with open arms I finally felt like I belonged, I had my people… I found my tribe.

So yeah maybe reading palms is weird to you and crystals are just rocks etc but those rocks and that crazy ridiculous palm reading gave me an escape from the torment and eventually a doorway to the community I had longed for since I was a little girl.

Starting this shop was a dream come true but I didn’t want this to only be a store I wanted it to have a community where people could share their experiences, their ideas and beliefs judgement free. The ultimate goal for Cosmic Crystal Visions when we have a brick and mortar shop is to not just be a successful store but a place where we would offer free classes and gatherings.

A community… that helped each other and expected nothing in return. And so that maybe other struggling outcast weirdo palm readers can have that fellowship that sense of belonging. That’s the dream.

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