New Years Day Supermoon

(Also known as the Wolf Moon)


The Moon is Full in her watery home sign of Cancer. The Water element’s in the spotlight during this year’s Cancer Full Moon, heightening her intrinsically emotional nature. She’s in a free-flowing dance with planets in the other two water signs — action-hero Mars and optimistic Jupiter in Scorpio and illusory Neptune in Pisces. Each astrological sign can be divided into three sections, known as decans (10 degree divisions of the Zodiac). This Moon is in Cancer decan 2, which is ruled by Mercury and Mars.

This is a very auspicious decan for the Moon and a great one for social gatherings and family get-togethers. There is a negative side though. We may be very emotionally reactive or easily overwhelmed on this full moon. On the upside, the crab’s sensitivity can also make us uncommonly empathic, understanding and sincere.

Full moons are high energy and felt not just the day of, but for days before and after. I recommend moving slowly and cautiously on this full moon as we will be unusually susceptible to the energy of people and places.

A Cancer driven Supermoon may provide opportunities to cement closeness with loved ones and start the New Year with a clean, comfortable slate.

Full Moon Tarot  Spread

This suggested Tarot spread uses the same archetypes of the elements present at this full moon: the Moon, the Queen of Pentacles (Earth), and the Queen of Cups (Water).

The Moon

Take out the Moon card and put it in the center.

Queen of Cups

Take out the Queen of Cups card, and put it slightly below and to the left of the Moon card.

Queen of Pentacles

Take out the Queen of Pentacles card, and put it slightly below and to the right of the Moon card.

Shuffle the cards and breathe deeply into yourself.

Ask: What is this full moon bringing to me that I can work with; what are the gifts?

Pull a card and place it below the Moon card.

Shuffle the cards again and ask: What does my heart need, what does it wish to tell me? What are my watery gifts?

Pull another card and it place below the Queen of Cups.

Shuffle the cards again and ask: What do my desires wish to tell me about the work involved? What will ground me through my process?

Pull another card and place it below the Queen of Pentacles.
Shuffle the cards again and ask: What must I release in the next few weeks in order to gain more intimacy with my goals?

Place this card at the bottom center of the spread.
Take time to notice any symbols that pop out at you, and any cards that create a reaction from you.

Pay attention to any patterns.

What resonates?
How must your capacity for love grow?
How must you carry out the work of your desires?

Suggested Crystals To Work With Moon Energy

Selenite Towers

Selenite is a beautiful crystal that actually has a sort of iridescence or sheen to it that reminds us very much of the moon. It’s got that tell-tale moon beam glow. Selenite is a crystal that allows us to more easily communicate with our higher selves.

Black Moonstone Sphere

Moonstone Some of them will have a flashy iridescence to them that you can see in certain light which is quite beautiful. Moonstone is great for allowing you to more efficiently tap into your intuition.

Labradorite Slab

Labradorite is another great choice to work with moon energy.  It’s actually closely related to moonstone and it has that similar flash; a blue flash that you get in certain light, that iridescent quality again. Labradorite is all about tapping into magic. Plus it’s also quite protective.


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